Junaid Sanitary

Liberty Building near Bank of Sharjah Office NO. 302 Al Garlhound Dubai, 500001 Dubai,
Phone: 04-2367723

PPR & Fittings

Junaid Word consists of a huge portfolio of PPR & PEX Pipes Fittings in UAE that suits every application. Our production and inspection is effected strictly according to Germany and European standards. We serve as wholesalers and retailers of the PPR & PEX Pipes and Fittings in UAE from our local facility and our own retail store located in Dubai. We have been the authorized dealer of PPR & PEX Pipes and Fittings in UAE which stands for high quality and durability. We have developed successful management principles based on the concept of premium quality that comprise of planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement. We provide plastic pipe systems and solutions for tap water, surface heating and cooling, soil and waste, rain and storm water, distribution of drinking water, and gas and telecom applications. We offer the widest range of PPR and its complimentary PEX piping systems in the Middle East, including multilayer oxygen barrier pipes and Aluminium composite pipes in addition to the conventional piping systems. 

Our PPR & PEX Pipes and Fittings are a versatile and comprehensive system for delivery of water and other fluids, used in applications of pressurized hot and cold water delivery as well as under floor heating in all modern residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.