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Plumbing & Chilled valves

Junaid World consists of a huge portfolio of Plumbing Valves in UAE that produce plumbing fittings and valves for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, working with customers from all around the world in plumbing. Our Plumbing Valves in UAE are designed to meet and pass appropriate product specification and performance standards (e.g. British Standards). Our distributor of Plumbing Valves in UAE is totally committed to Quality and Assurance itself, being one of the first manufacturers in UK and Turkey. 

Our Plumbing Valves in UAE are certified for Quality Assurance and has subsequently gained BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2015 EN and WRAS Approval. Products are designed to meet and pass appropriate product specification and performance standards. We have been the authorized dealer of Plumbing Valves in UAE which stands for high quality, durability, reliability and stability. We strive for excellence in all we do to build strong and close relationships with our customers through providing the best technical, sales and customer support.

Junaid World consists of a comprehensive collection of Heating Ventilation & Air-conditioning Valves in UAE by HERZ Armaturen GmbH which was laid by founding the Gebauer & Lehrner valve factory. HERZ, operating from the Austrian headquarters in Vienna, offers stability, reliability and continuity in over 100 countries through a clearly defined mission statement, well-established and practiced quality management. Decades of experience and specialization in the field of heating and control technology provide the basis for the development of innovative products with successful solutions in technology and design. 

HERZ is now a full-service provider for the HVAC in UAE sector, and all products are manufactured in EU countries in order to meet the quality requirements placed on HERZ products.  Training and further education is the heart of the HERZ. Apart from theory, practical handling and international networking are also important. Our HVAC in UAE is an Austrian company with international significance. We deal with resource-conserving energy supply and construction of energy-efficient and comfortable building services.

Junaid World consists of new Thermostatic Mixing Valves in UAE. Our distributor of Thermostatic Mixing Valves in UAE is manufacturing cultivators and seed machines, products needed to rationalize farming. Above all, they have installed a power station for electricity became the first one to have this modernity in the small village of Reftele. Our Thermostatic Mixing Valve range was extended to include also water pumps, hydrophores and mixing valves.  They grew, and exports increased, the ESBE mixing valves had soon become an industry standard. Exports consisted of more than 50% of the turnover. Also, in several Central European countries, the ESBE mixing valves was equal to the context Swedenmischer (Swedish mixing valves).